About the Artist

PANDORA SCOOTER is a national touring artist.  Currently writing a new solo show (her 12th) called THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LESBIAN SEX, Pandora returned in May 2015 from a two-month, 30 city tour of the United States during which she performed her show I AM ENOUGH for LGBTQ youth audiences of more than 400.  

An outspoken advocate for Misfits and Fits of all shapes, colors and sizes, Pandora strives to relay her message of inclusivity and compassion everywhere she performs.

Winner of the SpokenKnowledge DNC Contest for her anti-prejudice poem "Other."  Cast in reality spoken word television show, RELE.  In rotation on Women Of Substance radio.  Endorsed by International Folk Poet Alix Olson and hailed as a Spoken Word Rock Star.  Pandora Scooter has performed in NYC, Washington DC, Jackson, MS; Richmond, VA; Boston, San Francisco, Atlanta, Knoxville, Austin, TX; Houston, TX; San Bernadino, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Venice, San Luis Obispo, Torrence, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Sacramento, CA; Springfield, MO; New Orleans, LA; Birmingham, AL; Nashville, TN; Pittsburgh, PA; Salt Lake City, UT; as well as other cities and throughout the state of New Jersey.  For five years, she hosted and curated an edgy, new wave show called HIP HOP: OUT, LOUD & PROUD, which brought together gay and lesbian hip hop artists to perform at New Jersey Performing Arts Center.  

Writer of eleven one-woman shows, hailed by nytheatre.com as a "masterful entertainer" and by Out in Jersey as "a Force of Nature." Pandora Scooter entertains, inspires and makes people laugh 'til it hurts.  Pandora is pro-people, in all their glorious individualizations.  Her hilarious spoken-word rhymes and rants thrill and inspire audiences.

She's been compared to Dr. Seuss, Margaret Cho and Ani DiFranco.  

Awards.  Levin Scholar.  John I Bettenbeder Outstanding Performance Award.  Tongues of Fire, 1st Place.  Commendation from Newark City Assembly.  Outstanding Volunteer, Pride Center of New Jersey.  First place, Spokenknowledge DNC Contest.

Influences include Carol Burnett, Eddie Izzard, Margaret Cho, Dr. Seuss, Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner, Ellen Degeneres, Laurie Anderson, Arrested Development, Bertolt Brecht, Tracy Chapman, Caryl Churchill, Ani DiFranco, Maggie Estep!, ICE-T, Quincy Jones, Charlie Mingus, Alanis Morrissette, N.W.A., Suzan Lori Parks, Prince, Reno, and Tennessee Williams.

In her own words:

I believe the world needs as much connection between people as possible. I'm out here to connect with as many outsiders and misfits as I can - and to let them know it's ok to connect with each other. To let them know that it's ok to be everything they are and want to be - in all the complexities and confusions that make life what it is: one big, crazy, beautiful messy love storm. You are Enough.  Power to the Peaceful and Love to All...