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Dating Men

For a dyke, I have a lot of experience dating men.  And this isn't pre-coming out dating experience.  This is experience that I've gotten post-coming out.  For the past seven years, I've dated (one-offs, or two-offs) bunches of men (had one relationship with a man) and I've recently become single again and I put myself out into the dating pool again, looking for women and men. (No, I'm not bisexual.  I might be hetero-curious at the most, but that is because I'm strictly a dyke from my crazy hair down to my 4" heeled boots).  Of course, the men responded fast and furious.  And I went out on a couple of dates with three different guys and the first dates went great but the second dates went into the toilet. On the second dates I found that I just wasn't into them, I found myself feeling like things were predictable and safe (in that not good way) and I just wasn't invested.  And with one of them, things got physical and whereas in the past my sexual exploits with men have been carefree and fun, this time it was just not.  I felt like I was being used, I felt like a piece of meat, I felt like I was violating myself and my feelings.  I felt bad.  My friend Byran suggested that it was just that guy and not to give up on guys all together based on one experience.  But I had a feeling.  I kissed the other two and...nada. It was like kissing my 94 year old Aunt.  Affectionate and caring, but not anything close to sexual.  SO, now I'm dating just women and that is such an experience.  Wooing them, weeding through them, getting them to's a trip.  Women are definitely more difficult than men, but I know it's going to be worth it for me.


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