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Gay Sex

I'm getting sick of hearing about "gay" sex and "lesbian" sex and "unicorn sex" --- you've seen the Love is Love signs that people hold up at LGBT rallies?  Well, Sex is Sex.  I mean, I happen to feel that sex between two lesbians is THE BEST sex that there is to have on the planet (having never had "gay" sex)...but I mean, really, what could be more radical in this oh-too-male world than sex sans penis?  I think that's why Lesbians have been so uber-ultra feminized in the mass media, because society just doesn't know what to do with two vaginas, two uteruses, four breasts, and no dick.  I mean, how can lesbians even HAVE sex?  Really?  

Well, in response to this quandary that seems to wreak havoc all over mainstream humans' lives, I have written a show called THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO LESBIAN SEX.  It is all about what lesbian sex REALLY is, what it entails, how to engage in it and who can engage in it and WHY it is the Gold Standard of Sex that there is out in the world.  This show is 85 minutes of insights into the real, actual world of lesbian sex including everything from how the fuck to pick up a woman (very complicated), to what actions two women (who identify as lesbians) can do together and how they do those things, scissoring, the G Spot, breaking up and Orgasms.  Plus much much more!  

I think at this time in our growth as a community, it's super important that lesbians are seen as fully actualized, people with agency and who are not just over sexualized, but seen as sexual beings.  Lesbians are sexual beings, dammit.  They do not have to be androgynous (not that there's anything wrong about being a gender fluid person) - but lesbians, in particular, have been desexualized and oversexualized for decades.  It's enough.  Lesbians are sexual beings.  Just like Gay guys.  Just like Straight people.  More about this later.

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