Pandora Scooter

My Identity

The butch I'm dating just posted this amazing article and photos on FB.  Check this out.  Such inspiring identities.  And it's got me thinking about my identity.  I've been pretty happy with dyke -- and when I first came out, I id'd as a human-mama-dyke and then I changed it to queer-mama-sapien.  But there's more nuance to me. I once wrote a piece id'ing as Chilled Hot Cocoa.  "I'm hot, then I'm cool, add some fuel and you never know. I'm chilled hot cocoa."

I'm def a Tottom, which I guess is switchy. and I'm a DIVA!  So maybe I'm a switchy human-mama-dyke DIVA!





Do you, be you….like an all inclusive resort! :D

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