Gay Marriage! So much more going on for LGBTQ!

There's a lot more to do now than get married.

Bad Ideas

A few  Bad Ideas that crossed my line of sight this weekend.

Oh to have a Houseboy like Hank Azaria

A quick fun update on all things Pandora Scooter.

Wrap a Bow On It

And the tour is over...

2.5 Hours to Touchdown!

The last hours on the road..

I AM ENOUGH no wait HOMO!sapienism

The performances come to an end...

What the Heck Do I Do When the Audience Doesn't Show?

Its not as terrible as one might think...

I'm Just Sick of It

Anyone who wants to tell me that there isn't an epidemic of LGBTQ youth suicide needs to come to Utah. RANT ALERT

Yes there are Queer Kids in Missoula, MT

Missoula, MT has some super cool queer kids...

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