Pandora Scooter

I'm Just Sick of It


Anyone who wants to tell me that there isn't an epidemic of LGBTQ youth suicide needs to come to Utah. RANT ALERT

Yes there are Queer Kids in Missoula, MT

Spokane: The Before & the After

University of Washington - the quietest audience ever...


This was absolutely the quietest audience that I’ve encountered thus far on the tour.  I know they were with me - I could tell by the way they were smiling or nodding that they were with me.  But they were so quiet...

A Show Day -- Before the Show

Um...There's supposed to be a show here...

After a Two Day Respite, the Tour CONTINUES..;


Two days off in Bucolic Boonville with my creatiive parents - such a much needed rest - and now back on the road...

Santa Cruz x2 Plus!


From Santa Cruz to San Francisco to Boonville in 2 days...whirlwind...slowing down for a couple of days.

Delivery Man Cameo! San Luis Obispo


A delivery man makes a cameo appearance in I AM ENOUGH...

Fun! HOMO!sapienism in South Bay


The South Bay LGBT Center in Torrance doesn't look like much, but boy does it pack a punch!  

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