Pandora Scooter

Awkward is In



I'm just coming out, peeking out, from a bout with depression, here are my thoughts.

Straights have rights, too!


Straight people have rights, too, posts one Latinas for Donald Trump on Facebook in response to the religious freedom law passed in North Carolina.  My reaction.

A Historic Broadway Show


Danai Gurira's Eclipsed on Broadway is wanting, but you should still buy tickets...

Survivor or Victim?


I'm a survivor. I was never a victim.  Maybe I skipped a step...



The Belgium Officials call for three days of mourning in the wake of the bombing. So different from the US's response 16 years ago.  

Give Back


A poem dedicated to all those LGBTQ everyones who got some help to get along in this world -- and a plea for them to give back.

My Dad



My film review of Room and exasperation that it didn't win best picture and best screenplay and best director!

Mental Health Update #2


Mental Update #2 -- Six weeks into the transition from Myrna to Sally.

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