Straights have rights, too!

Straight people have rights, too, posts one Latinas for Donald Trump on Facebook in response to the religious freedom law passed in North Carolina.  My reaction.

A Historic Broadway Show

Danai Gurira's Eclipsed on Broadway is wanting, but you should still buy tickets...

Survivor or Victim?

I'm a survivor. I was never a victim.  Maybe I skipped a step...


The Belgium Officials call for three days of mourning in the wake of the bombing. So different from the US's response 16 years ago.  

Give Back

A poem dedicated to all those LGBTQ everyones who got some help to get along in this world -- and a plea for them to give back.

My Dad

A journey with my dad from dysfunction to function.


My film review of Room and exasperation that it didn't win best picture and best screenplay and best director!

Mental Health Update #2

Mental Update #2 -- Six weeks into the transition from Myrna to Sally.

The Femme Event

The Femme Event went off without a hitch....except for one problem.  Who cares about the femme struggle?

The Game of Trump

The Trump-thing is getting ridiculous.  Here's what I want to happen.

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