Pandora Scooter

The Femme Event


The Femme Event went off without a hitch....except for one problem.  Who cares about the femme struggle?

The Game of Trump


The Trump-thing is getting ridiculous.  Here's what I want to happen.

Chris Rock'd the Oscars Out


The great significance of Chris Rock's contribution to the Oscars last night.  He Rock'd it, and he also taught everyone a lesson or two.  Go Chris!  



Apologizing is an art form - here are some thoughts on the subject.

Grandma's Birthday


My relationship with my grandma was so great - open, accepting, supporting - and based in one big fat lie.

Why this Blog is Late


Mind: Um, Pandora, your blog is late.

Pandora: What?

Mind: Yeah, you were supposed to do it today and you didn't.  Why is that?

Pandora: Do you really want to know????

Embracing Mortality


I'm writing about mortality and it's making me face my own - and all the perks that come with doing so.



VD is coming this Sunday!  What does it mean to you?  This is what it makes me think of...

Space for Artists


The label 'artist' is one that some people avoid. Why?  And why can't we all get along?



One thing I've definitely observed in my three years running the Women's Coming Out Support Group is how important self-acceptance is to the process.  But how to achieve self-acceptance?  Here are some suggestions.

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