Pandora Scooter

Women-Only Spaces


Do we still need/want women-only spaces?  Some third wavers say no.

Bernie v. Hillary


As a self-proclaimed ultra-progressive, who do I support in this democratic primary?  Bernie?  Hillary?  Marty?  I make my decision in this blog post...

Mental Health Update #1


A mental-health check-in with everyone's favorite queer-mama-sapien.  If you're interested in looking behind the curtain...

Trump Trump Trump



Another sexual perk for men.  Do they really need it?  And what about WOMEN?

Breaking Up Right


Breaking up is hard to do, but could there be a 'better' way to break up?  

Trigger Happy


If the sociological descendants of the Political Correctness Movement have their way, we will soon be a "Trigger-free" society.  Then how are we going to get anything done?  And what will become of art?



A Lesson in Honesty


The poet she hath protested too she enough?  Truths uncovered thanks to a great aunt's death.

An Atheist's view on Christmas


As an Atheist, Christmas is pretty meaningless, yet there is something about the day that still impacts me and my life...

There's No "I" in TEAM


For my birthday, I would love to write about gratitude and reflect on my last year --- I think those would be "appropriate" and uplifting topics to focus on.  However, instead, I'm writing about how someone really got under my skin today.

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