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Health Insurance Sucks

What is So Wrong with Polygamy?


Why is polygamy illegal?  It just doesn't make sense.

ISO Good Therapist


Finding a good therapist can be really difficult...I'm in the process right now -- here are some thoughts about how to go about doing this successfully...

How to Survive the Holidays


Holiday Stress?  Bah Humbug.  Here's to holiday joy!  7 suggestions for keeping yourself in check during the holidays.

Positive Thanksgiving Equation


What are the ingredients to a fantastic Thanksgiving?  Less family.

How to Get Anyone to Talk


A sure-fire way to get even the most reticent talker to give you at least some of the information you're looking for!  The Neutral Question.

Fifty Specific Things I'm Grateful For


Not-your-typical Gratitude List -- Perhaps you'll find some of yours in mine?  

Being Self-Employed SUCKS (not!)


The woes and wee!'s of being self-employed.  It's not all good or bad.

Utter Fail!

OUT OF THE BOX Reflections


The stumbles and successes of running an open mic for 13 years!

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