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Parents Doin' It For Themselves!


Parents need to be a bit more's a better model for our kids.

What Do You Mean I'm Not Done at 18?


Think you're done raising your kid at 18?  Not if  you they don't know this check list of important skills...

The Green Eyed Monster: Resenting Your Kid


Struggling with kids is one thing, but sometimes resentment builds up between parents and kids and that is one helluva difficult nut to crack.  No one talks about it?  Well, I am.

Being the Parent


Everyone talks about how hard it is to be the parent, but nobody talks about how hard and in what particular ways it's hard.  Here are some things I find hard about being the parent.

All Your Flaws in Piggy Tails


Ever wonder why parents get so pissed off at their kids?  This is one reason - and we never talk about it.

Do You Respect Your Kid?


Ever notice how disrespectful your kids act toward you?  Have you figured out that they learned that behavior from you?  

Do you Think Too Much?


Most people spend too much or too little time thinking about their inspirational ideas to get anything done.  Here's what I do.

A Have Runs Into a Have-Not - A Short Movie & Poem


Thanks to the drop in temperature, I had a run in with reality last night.

When You Should Unfriend Your Friends


We all have friends who don't come through for us...why do we continue to keep them as friends?

Why You're Not Poly*


"Is Polyamory a Choice?" Three reasons why you are probably not poly*.

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