Pandora Scooter

Trigger-Free World? = White Privilege


If we're truly going to dismantle the "master's house," the first thing we have to give up is control.  

Ace/Bi/Demi/Pan Visibility Conference


The Ace/Bi/Demi/Pan Conference - Beyond Gay & Lesbian: Diving Into the Alphabet Soup went so well.  People connected on a deep and inspiring level.  And there were a lot of self-discoveries, too!  Read all about it.

Post Show

HOMO!sapienism: A New Show


The rehearsal process for HOMO!sapienism comes to a close with the premiere of the new show on Wednesday! 

Axe vs. Ask


So much arguing over "axe" vs. "ask."  Which one is right?  You may be surprised...



Bi-Visibility is so necessary.  Why would a group of GLBTIQCPA Pride Festival attendees boo when they hear the word "bisexual?"

The BAMists


The democrats are not up against republicans this presidential elections.  They're up against BAMists.  Who are the BAMists? Read and find out.

Sanders is the new Obama


Hillary in 2004? Hillary in 2016?  Or...Sanders in 2016?  Let's vote for Obama again.

Learning More About Trans*

End Rape Culture


I'm a survivor and I watch L&O SVU...thoughts on ending rape culture.

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