The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian Sex: Devirginized!

The artistic process for The Ultimate Guide to Lesbian Sex is underway!

Called Out

Drive-by support from Neo Liberals.

Trendy Trans*

The (personal) potential perils of Trans* Popularity.

GLBT Privilege

White privilege in the GLBTQ Community?  Oh my!

Gay Sex

What the fuck is "lesbian" sex?


What's going on before/in prep for the inaugural podcast QueerSpeak?

Does Virginity Exist in 2015?

Virginity?  Who needs it?

Is there a GLBTIQCPA Community?

Are GLBTIQQCPA folks a big "C" Community?  Or a small "c" community?


The word "space" has taken on a new dimension in the last 10 years.

Taboo Taboo

Why it's so important to grab those taboo topics and run with them.

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