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I'm at the beginning of a 300 plus page book called Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality, which I'm reading for my new show Fags & Jesus Freaks.  The book is about how we often ascribe homophobia to religion, but that that is a misplaced source.  That homophobia is extra-religious.  Fascinating.  It is, however, perpetuated by religion and religious people bear the brunt of being "automatically" considered homophobes.  How many times have I heard the statements, "I believe in God," and "I'm totally gay-friendly" jammed up next to each other?  And how many times have I heard gay people groan when someone wants to talk about church? 

As a person who ascribes to no organized religion and who identifies as an Atheist, I find the chasm between gay people and the church to be confounding.  I mean, ok, yeah, there's the obvious: some Christians believe that the Bible condemns homosexuality and  homosexuals and thus they want to steer clear of the whole religious scene.  And Christians think homosexuals are sinful, so they want to steer clear of the whole gay scene.

But there seems to be to be something greater that is really important and is lost in this chasm.  God.  God brings great happiness to hundreds of millions of people throughout the globe, in all forms.  And most of the major forms of God that I've been exposed to equate God with Love, so how can people of Love and people who Love disinherit each other over some irrational fears?

I'm hoping this book will help clear the way for me to understand the complexities of this problem.  I know I'm over simplifying.  I'm a proponent of occasional over-simplifiction, when needed.

More soon.


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R.J. Nails it! I was doing a DJ gig at WDOM in Providence when the song "You Give Good Love" came out. That song was requested so often that we aclltuay wore a hole through the album. Luckily we had the foresight to recognize a hit and so recorded it onto a magnetic cartridge. But the vinyl got played enough and that is the story of the hole.

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