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San Bernardino Part II

I agreed to do a writing workshop for the youth at San Bernardino, but because the timing was off with Spring Break and everything, there weren't too many sign ups.

Except for my young suicidal friend from the performance the night before.  Who brought their friend, too.

I was told that they wanted to talk to me. They were told I was holding a writing workshop. :-)


So, once we got on the same page, after talking a bit about life and how things were going, we did a writing exercise -- a guided imagining that took them through a safe space to a path to a door, and on the other side of the door is you as a child and you dance with the child you/hug/hang with the child you who is super happy and ok.  And then the child you beckons you to lean down and they tell you a secret. It's whatever they say.  There's no right or wrong, there's just what you imagine.  It's all good.  And then you say good bye to the child you - knowing that you can come back anytime and through the door and down the path and back to the safe space and then when they were ready, I asked them to open their eyes and start writing anything about that imagining - any aspect.

One wrote about the path. The other wrote about how hard it was to do the imagining.

We spent a long time talking about letting go and allowing things to happen.  Which finally, 2 hours into our meeting came down to the youth who was suicidal agreeing to try to get a therapist. Despite thinking that nothing is going to change or help -- I told them, "You don't know that. (pause) No, really, you do not know that."  They conceded.

Later that evening, I got a text from them thanking me for my time and attention and for making a positive impact on their life.

During that workshop, I got a fb message from one of the youth from Tuscon, AZ telling  me they had been raped the night before. They got treated/seen and reported. But just wanted to reach out to me.  I've been talking on and off to them all day today and last night.

It occurs to me that I could be these youth's parent. I'm old enough -- I would have been between 24 or 28 - and maybe they are drawn to me because I am their parents; age AND I know what they're going through and I treat them with respect. I dunno. But something about me and my show(s) reach these youth.  And there need to be more adults doing what I'm doing.

That's what I take from this day.

Peace & Love,



there do need to be more adults indeed and in deed who highlight the importance of reaching out to youth, and everyone in need of support, demonstrating care and love for others, thanks for all you do, including sharing your life including the impact it including the work you and everyone you work with has on everyone's lives with us. thanks be to your supporters as well - people often feel isolated in lives of their own experience, through experience, even sharing the same space, even if they don't talk much or open up much seemingly or open up very much, however much in just to share a space for a time, feel isolated less is such a gift, knowledge and experience you share with them as well. thanks to all of you for helping create a safe space, discussion to feel, thinking, or just to sit and be with feeling, a fire i hope will spread if only to thaw some of the cold exposure around the hearts that need be alight, stirred alive to life some more and again. it's urgent and we need to care, thank you for lettin care move through you however much we actually do and choose and or not, it's still what people in the world need it seems, it's beautiful to watch, maybe because deep inside it's in part what we need, encouraging to see revealed and be
Right on, Pandora!!

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