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Trump Trump Trump

Trump Trump Trump.  Sounds like something elephants do when they stampede.  I don't know about you, but I am seriously getting worried that this man is going to win the Republican nomination.  If he can convince enough birthers to vote against Cruz and continue to get Tea Party endorsements from Sarah Palin-types (like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and goodness knows who else), he might be able to win enough Republicans over.  Ann Coulter was won over by Trump's "Mexican Rapist speech" (as she puts it) in August and she's been campaigning for him on all the far right talk shows since then.

Let me be clear. No, I don't like Trump's arrogance, his lack of political savvy, his lack of political/governing experience.  I don't like his slogan, "Make America Great, Again!" insinuating that America isn't great now (is it?) but also hearkening his target market to think back to a "simpler" time before black people, women, gay people had rights.  Before immigration was an issue worthy of respectful discourse.  "Make America Great, Again" in the 1950s, is what the tag line should read.

But more importantly, I don't think the man has a campaign platform.  His website lists FIVE positions.  He takes FIVE positions on the following: Immigration, Gun Control, US-China Trade, Veterans Administration and Tax Reform.  That's it.  That's all he feels he needs to explain/defend about the issues facing this country in order to get elected to the highest office in the realm.  By contrast, Clinton lists 27 issues ranging from poverty to GLBT rights to foreign policy to veterans care and Sanders lists 22 issues ranging from "war and peace" to "income and wealth inequality."  FIVE "positions!  How much more insulting does Trump have to be to the American people, before they get that he's fucking with them?

Most offensive to me, though, are the Trumpeters (a term coined by Sarah Palin for supporters of Trump) who claim that it's his "lack of political correctness" that really wins them over.  Ann Coulter can be counted among those who are "so sick" of all this damn political correctness in Washington, and relieved that FINALLY (her emphasis) there is a presidential candidate worth listening to who will "tell it like it is."

Let's set the record straight.  Trump is not politically incorrect. He is simply completely incorrect.  He is not flying in the face of some liberal-construct that demands public persons utilize a certain language when speaking to the country.  He's not a maverick.  He's playing the American public with his racism and thoughtless (oft-times plainly incorrect) speech.  Calling immigrants rapists and murderers is not politically incorrect, it's just racist. Saying Carly Fiorina was ugly is not politically incorrect, it's just sexist.  All these Republicans who are touting their relief at Trump's ridiculous utterances are really saying:

"Thank GOD, there's finally someone on the national stage who voices the same racist, sexist, homophobic things I think and say!"

This is why I have decided that should Trump be the nominee for the Republican Party, I am going to make plans to leave the country.  I doubt he would win the Presidency by a large margin, but if he should win, that would mean that at least 27% of the country believes that we should have an outright bigot in the oval office.  And, that the other 28% to 40% of the country that could have voted against him and didn't, don't think Trump is "all that bad."  If this is the case, America is not where I belong. (These loose percentages are based on the average voting stats in past few Presidential elections where approximately 51% of eligible voters voted and that the division of those who vote Dems vs. Reps is just about half and half.)

Now, I make this claim with the full knowledge, that any number of a variety of things could happen between today and November 8th 2016.  And you can bet that I'm going to be on the phone banks trying to get out the vote for whomever is the Democratic nominee.  But come November 9th, if Trump is the clear winner, I'm afraid I'm going to have to bid adieu to my country.  I fear Trump is, at heart, a fascist and there is no end to the terror he could wreak on our country.

I know there are reasons to stay and fight the good fight.  And I may change my mind, should I be inspired by some of my comrades to do so - to stay and fight "the man."  Surely, we may have great art that comes out in responsen to a Trump administration.  Certainly, this art will be underground as all funding for the arts will dry up completely, I'm sure.  We shall see.  If Trump wins, perhaps a national touring production of Julius Caesar would be fitting, "I came. I saw. I conquered."

For now, Trump is leading in Iowa for his elephants who are trumping over everything we hold sacred in this country, e.g., the Constitution. And he's still being mimicked on SnL.  Maybe those in Iowa and New Hampshire will wake up out of their stupor when the real shit hits the fan and it's time to vote and caucus.  I certainly hope so.


I fully agree with everything you said. The "America" that Trump wants to "Make Great Again" never existed except in the rosy hindsight of nostalgia. Think about what James Michener (and Rodgers and Hammerstein) were saying in South Pacific and you'll find that for some, racism continues to be a way of life. The main agenda item each thinking person in the country should have is "how will I activate more of the people around me to vote". I am sickened daily by the Anne Coulters and Sean Hannitys of the world, but not so nauseated that I'm not making plans of my own to make sure people get out and vote their issues! Thanks for getting some balanced thought into the conversation.

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