Want to hone your creative writing skills?  Want to start writing - creatively or pragmatically?  Want to learn to be a great public speaker and/or performer?  I've got the experience to help you achieve these goals.  

With 23 years of experience teaching at all levels (from 2nd grade to senior citizens, from novices to experienced writers and performers), I am prepared to teach you whatever it is you need/want to know about writing and/or performance.  

I offer workshops every so often and coaching year-round.

Also, I have a blog called INK & STAGE with all sorts of tips about writing and performing.  Check it out here.

My method to creative writing is simple: say "yes" to everything you write.  Say "yes" to what you think is terrible, say "yes" to what you think is brilliant.  Even if it's a half or quarter of a thought, say "yes" to it.  I have exercises that I do with writers to help them learn better how to make the most out of the writing process.   

My method for performance and public speaking is to give you the tools you need to clearly and articulately convey your message with conviction and confidence.  I've never met a person yet who couldn't improve their ability to do this with the gentle help of a trained professional.

Inquire about a free consultation as well as hourly and session-long rates  through my contact page or by emailing me at