QueerSpeak #33 A Queer & Asian Life

Most people think of Asian people as quiet, apolitical, good students, etc... And many people think of queer people as flamboyant and loud and activist. What is it like to be a Queer Asian person, then? In this episode of QueerSpeak, we talk with Linsey Goon, senior Women's Studies and Political Science double major at Rutgers, about their experience being an Asian-American, Queer, Trans person.

QueerSpeak #31 On Being Queer & Muslim

Don't know much about Islam? Don't know much about being Queer and Muslim? This is the perfect podcast ep for you. Zhati Munajat speaks about her experiences being Sufi and learning to love herself, in all her specificity. She is inspiring to listen to and she explains Islam very clearly and concisely.

QueerSpeak #30 Gayming 101

What about the Intersectionality between Video Games and Queerness? What's the history of gay characters in gaming? Come learn about queerness in video games from expert gaming blogger and video game champion, Gil Almogi.

QueerSpeak #29 Presbyterian & Queer

This isn't your typical Presbyterian Ministry student. Dana Gray is a tatted, short-haired lesbian who is dedicated thoroughly to the Presbyterian Church. Listen in on the struggles she's had to find acceptance within her faith and what she believes that faith is.

QueerSpeak #28 Hudson Pride Connections Center

Join Pandora Scooter as she speaks with Executive Director Elizabeth Schedl and Board Chair Jonathan Lucas about their Hudson Pride Connections Center - who they serve, what they do and why they do it.  It's an inspiring story.

QueerSpeak #27 Sex on the Brain

Who doesn't love talking about sex? Join Pandora Scooter, hilarious comic Rich Kiamco and shock comic Dani Cooper as we talk about the ins and outs and ins and outs of queer sex!

QueerSpeak #26 Gay Poly

Listen in on a candid and exciting conversation about a gay polyamorous relationship between Ryan, Jason and Allen. Find out about the inner workings of their relationship(s) and how they negotiate the challenges of being in two relationships simultaneously!

*Allen gave his express permission to be discussed on this podcast.  We missed him!

QueerSpeak #25 Queer Musicology

Ever hear of musicology? How about QUEER musicology? This week on QueerSpeak we talk to Ryan Lambe, PhD student about what makes music queer, what queer music sounds like and why it's important to be able to identify these things. Listen in on this exciting in-depth discussion!

QueerSpeak #23 LGBT Youth

QUEERSPEAK PODCAST #23 -- We focus a lot on the youth of the LGBTQ Community - issues about bullying, using public bathrooms and suicide rates are abound. In this episode of QueerSpeak, we speak to Megan Picurro who runs the Youth Drop-In at the Pride Center of New Jersey and Z Murphy who has attended the program for four years.

Also, I've heard a lot about how LGBTQ Youth "don't have any problems now" because of all the "freedoms" and "equality" that we have in the USA. Listen in to find out where the problems are, really, before you listen to those non-Gen Z-ers about whether or not they have problems.

QueerSpeak #22 LGBT & Christianity

Ever wonder how it's possible to be a devout, practicing Christian and to also be an Out GLBT person? In this episode of QueerSpeak we talk to Episcopal Postulant Allison Burns-La Greca about how simple it can be to id as both Christian and gay.

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